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Disc Golf is an amazing outdoors game! It can be played alone, casually with friends or family, or pursued as a competitive career.

Here are some of our favorite places to find more information about the sport:

Rules and How To Play

Here's a quick overview of the game.

Breakdown of rules.

Here's a longer explanation, and yes! Disc Golf is popular in parts of Europe, so enjoy the views and accents from overseas.

All of the official rules are Here

Where to play?

Udisc app is the best way to find courses near you. It can also be used to keep score during a round, compare your score against previous rounds, measure throws, and many more things. 

dgcoursereview has a searchable map, and reviews of different courses.

The PDGA Course Directory can be used as well.

How to Throw

Backhand throwing.

Forehand throwing.

Good talk about Putting.

Local groups

Check Facebook or other social media in your area for local clubs or groups!

In Augusta GA check out and

In North Virginia/ DC check out


As of January 2022, there are two pro players making more than $1 million per year, several women pros making more than $500,000 per year, and plenty of other pro players who compete year round. 

Most big competitions are "PDGA sanctioned"- the Professional Disc Golf Association rules are followed, PDGA is providing liability insurance and score recording. Anyone can sign up with the PDGA as an amateur or professional player. The number you are assigned is Yours For Life! If you take a break and come back to the sport, you can pay dues and jump right back in with the same player number.