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Axiom Envy (Putter)

Axiom Envy (Putter)

Flight Numbers: 3 / 3 / 0 / 2

The Envy is a slightly overstable putta and approach disc. The Envy has a smooth modern feel that fits in the hand perfectly, lending confidence for both putt and approach duties. The Envy exhibits reliable high-speed stability and a minimal fade. With a slightly lower profile and cruising speed than the Ion and Anode class, the Envy is a uniquely “lid-like” stable putter.

NOTE that MVP electron plastic comes in regular, "soft", and "hard" firmness. 

The Envy is also the disc used in one of disc golf's most iconic throws. We have some of the 'replica special edition' of the disc James Conrad used to win the 2021 PDGA World Championship. See more about the shot HERE

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